We believe and practice that our business exists not just for profits but also to contribute to the society. Our goal is not only earning for ourselves but also contributing positively towards the society.

CSR Activities we do:

We provide Healthcare Assistant training to under privileged or destitute female candidates and make them capable of being employable and earn their livelihood. Using our hospital as a base, we provide these students intense training over a period of 1 year including both theory and practical and enable them to be appointed as HCA / GDA / Patient Caregiver in various organizations like small Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home Care etc. This training is conducted by our faculty and doctors and is completely Free of Cost. We work with several NGOs for selection of the eserving students..

We are very proud to say - each member of SKM Group voluntarily contributes a part of their salary towards a central fund, which is used for social beneficiation. Be it a person with minumum wages or highly skilled professionals, each and every person contributes voluntarily towards this fund, which is topped up by Company's contribution. This money is then given to deserving NGOs who are doing genuinely good work.

NGOs we work with:

CSP: www.calcuttasocialproject.net
RISE: www.rise-online.co.uk