Basic Values


> We are proud of our originality and of our Indian-ness.

> We will uphold our Indian values and culture.

> We DO NOT copy others. We at SKM Group do not follow dogmas and practices just because of tradition. We adopt only those aspects, practices, customs and traditions that appeal to our inner self and to our common sense.


> Justice & Fairness to all: customers, employees and all concerned.

> Each human is an individual and must be treated as such irrespective of economic or social position(s).

> From the highest position to the lowest, we are all carrying out our respective responsibilities towards our organization. We all have the right to our organization.

> Similarly, the organization is responsible to all employees and their families.


> We are citizens of India, part of the society, members of our family and colleagues in an organization. We shall not shun our responsibilities towards any of these.

> The business exists to contribute to society, the nation and the world; and not just for the personal benefits?of few individuals.

"SarveBhavantuSukhinah,SarveSantuNiramaya SarveBhadraniPashyantu, Ma Kaschida-dukhabhagbhavet "

May all be happy;May all be without disease; May all have well-being;May none have misery of any sort.